VPN status icons – for Qubes OS

One of the best thing in Qubes that you can use  special type of VMs called ProxyVM (or FirewallVM). The special thing is that your AppVMs see this as a NetVM, and the NetVMs see it as an AppVM. Because of that You can place a ProxyVM between your AppVMs and Your NetVM. This is how the sys-firewall VM is working by default.

Using a ProxyVM to set up a VPN client gives you the ability to:

  • Separate your VPN credentials from Your NetVMs,
  • Separate your VPN credentials from Your AppVM data,
  • Easily control which of your AppVMs are connected to your VPN by simply setting it as a NetVM of the desired AppVM,
  • Use it as a FirewallVM for the connected AppVMs

Te instructions below assumes that you:

In this case if you want some nice green/red padlock icon instead of the NetworkManager defaults, follow these instructions:

In Your ProxyVM:

  • Create a directory:
    mkdir -p /home/user/.icons/Adwaita
  • Unzip the icon pack:
    unzip -d /tmp ~/QubesIncoming/<source vm>/qubes-artwork-proxy-vpn-master.zip
  • copy the relevant files into that newly created directory:
    cp -a /tmp/qubes-artwork-proxy-vpn-master/* /home/user/.icons/Adwaita/
  • Reboot Your customized ProxyVM and enjoy the results :)

Yes, this means we just overriding the default Adwaita icons. Much more elegant solution would be:

  • create a real new icon theme
  • set this theme as default for your ProxyVM